Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome To Scraps and More by Ginavere!

Hello, I'm so glad you decided to drop by!My name is Ginavere and I presently live in Northern California. I'm a mother of two grown married sons and a grandmother of three with one more on the way!

I have been online for well over a decade and have seen and learned so much during my time on the Internet. My first adventures online was Role-playing on AOL's Medieval chat rooms. It was a great way to meeting others who also enjoyed the Medieval era. During this time, I became friends with a dear woman name Deb. It was Deb who introduced me to PaintShop Pro 7 and I joined her group to learn more about PSP.

My first adventure with PSP was making tubes, then it went on to tags and from there designing stationery for IncrediMail. After a while, I began writing tutorials for IM stationery and tags. It was a great learning experience!.

What I enjoyed more about the graphic world was the people I met and learned from by joining Yahoo Groups and varies forums. By joining these groups and forums

I actually met several of my favorite tutorial writers; I was in heaven!One of them was Katra of KO-nceptions and founder of Tutorial Writers Inc. I was thrilled to get to know this witty woman and fantastic tutorial writer. Through her I learned how to use Bryce 3D software, PhotoShop and Poser (both I am still trying to learn!) and a host of other things.

But after a while, I was burnt out from writing tutorials and like so many of us who have been in the graphic community I found nothing to inspire me to open up any of my graphic programs to create.

Then one day I became aware of digital scrap-booking kits and was fascinated by it. I all ready knew about scrap-booking from my favorite craft stores; but I did not know that it existed online.I quickly began doing Google searches and found tons of links for scrap kits and after a while I found sites that actually had tutorials on making them! I was inspired once again to open my graphic programs and begin to create again.

Unfortunately, not many of the tutorials I came across give clear instructions but I continued to search until I came across Scrap Stuff with PSP. Shawna knew exactly how to 'write' a tutorial that gave you clear instructions! I was thrilled by her Blog and thrilled to learn the beautiful things she was willing to teach others.

It was through the encouragment of Katra and Temp of Scrapin Time n Fun (I met Temp at Tutorial Writers Inc) that I decided to make a blog to place the kits and elements that I have created.

It is my desire to offer scrap kits that are a 'bit' different from those you see on the web. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish that.

I hope you find something here you like and please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.