Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to School Scrapkit - Free

Please be patient with me, I'll get more kits up in time. Just been busy.

Forever Yours Paper - Freebie

Paper is 12 x 12 in size

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heart Paper Clips - Freebie

Small Bead Alphabets - Freebie

Bubble Gum Alphabets - Freebie

Welcome To Scraps and More by Ginavere!

Hello, I'm so glad you decided to drop by!My name is Ginavere and I presently live in Northern California. I'm a mother of two grown married sons and a grandmother of three with one more on the way!

I have been online for well over a decade and have seen and learned so much during my time on the Internet. My first adventures online was Role-playing on AOL's Medieval chat rooms. It was a great way to meeting others who also enjoyed the Medieval era. During this time, I became friends with a dear woman name Deb. It was Deb who introduced me to PaintShop Pro 7 and I joined her group to learn more about PSP.

My first adventure with PSP was making tubes, then it went on to tags and from there designing stationery for IncrediMail. After a while, I began writing tutorials for IM stationery and tags. It was a great learning experience!.

What I enjoyed more about the graphic world was the people I met and learned from by joining Yahoo Groups and varies forums. By joining these groups and forums

I actually met several of my favorite tutorial writers; I was in heaven!One of them was Katra of KO-nceptions and founder of Tutorial Writers Inc. I was thrilled to get to know this witty woman and fantastic tutorial writer. Through her I learned how to use Bryce 3D software, PhotoShop and Poser (both I am still trying to learn!) and a host of other things.

But after a while, I was burnt out from writing tutorials and like so many of us who have been in the graphic community I found nothing to inspire me to open up any of my graphic programs to create.

Then one day I became aware of digital scrap-booking kits and was fascinated by it. I all ready knew about scrap-booking from my favorite craft stores; but I did not know that it existed online.I quickly began doing Google searches and found tons of links for scrap kits and after a while I found sites that actually had tutorials on making them! I was inspired once again to open my graphic programs and begin to create again.

Unfortunately, not many of the tutorials I came across give clear instructions but I continued to search until I came across Scrap Stuff with PSP. Shawna knew exactly how to 'write' a tutorial that gave you clear instructions! I was thrilled by her Blog and thrilled to learn the beautiful things she was willing to teach others.

It was through the encouragment of Katra and Temp of Scrapin Time n Fun (I met Temp at Tutorial Writers Inc) that I decided to make a blog to place the kits and elements that I have created.

It is my desire to offer scrap kits that are a 'bit' different from those you see on the web. Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish that.

I hope you find something here you like and please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

TOU - Term Of Use

Personal Use TOUs


~~These TOU can change at anytime if they are not followed, please check my Blog to see if any changes has occurred.~~


******Make sure you are purchasing a product that is compatible to the software you are using.******

**********************Refunds/exchanges are not given.***********************

Thank you for downloading my products. I hope you have a wonderful time creating your scrapbook of memories.

Please READ and FOLLOW my simple Term of Use.

1- DO NOT upload any of my products to your website, blog or group forums.

2 - DO NOT Burn to a CD to sell them on or off the internet.

3 - You MAY burn them on a CD for your own PEROSNAL use and safe keeping.

4- If you wish to share any of the FREE kits/elements do so by sending

them the link to this page:-


-so they can read the TOU before downloading and using any of the kits.

5- Purchased kits are for Personal Use ONLY. Because you purchase them, it does not give you the right to share them with others or resell them. They are for YOUR personal use only. Please send them to one of my stores where they can purchase it themselves.

6- DO NOT change any of the file names!

7 - DO NOT hotlink my blog content, which is against the law!

8 - DO NOT rip apart any of these kits and claim as your own. There are a variety of sites out there that can teach you how to make your own scrap kits from scratch. Google them!

9 - You can use my kits to create a web site/blog/forum/blinkies/tags provided they are not used for sites that are sexually explicit, use sexually explicit items on them, advocate abuse of any kind, advocate breaking laws. AND you must be offering them for FREE.

10 - You can add a link or use one of my blinkies from my blog to your own blog or web site, I would gladly do the same if you email me o your binkie or banner (no larger than 150x50) at the email address above.

Since I only post FREEBIES here, my TOUS for Commerical Use/SFO/SFH can be found in the stores I sell in.